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Jack Covey Thompson is the son of a musical, artistic family so art is in his genes. He was born in London and was raised in both England and Los Angeles thus absorbing the cultures of both countries. 


Passionate about art from a young age, Jack truly began his creative career in college when  he  majored in  Art History. He began creating  his own art  by  exploring  the use of shapes and color and how they interact and compliment each other.  At the same time he developed a fascination with the mystery of old photography -  scanning and manipulating  images to create a style he is well known for. Jack mixed this process with his love of symmetry and geometry, creating unique and otherworldly pictures.


Jack moved to Seattle in 2015 and immediately  began pursuing painting as a new, exciting  passion project.  His art quickly exploded into his now extremely sought after paintings. Approaching the canvas with a fresh perspective, Jack  dove into the abstract, learning how to make it interesting, absorbing and unique without having figures and realism.


As of 2020, Jack has relocated to London, England. 

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